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Washing the dishes, folding the laundry, and making the bed are common daily tasks that can be put off by a few hours or even an entire day with no repercussions. Other tasks around the home, however, shouldn’t be ignored for long. Read on to learn about the home maintenance tasks to prioritize so that your property remains in good condition.  You can always contact one of our certified Raleigh Home Inspection professionals to help you with your home maintenance plan.

Exterior Home Maintenance Tasks

Termites are a problem in nearly every part of the country, though less common in northern states than in the South. Your home maintenance tasks should include regular inspections of any wood siding, trim, and decking. If you notice signs of termites, treat your home with pesticides and any replace damaged wood.

Maintain the paint on the exterior of your home and keep wood products like mulch and firewood away from the foundation to help ward off termites.

Repair Water Leaks Promptly

Water intrusion causes structural damage to your property and creates an ideal environment for mold and termites. Be on the lookout for plumbing issues in the kitchen and bathrooms. Even a minor leak left unchecked can create significant and costly damage.

Looking for and patching up small leaks should be part of your regular home maintenance tasks. Major breaks, however, should be evaluated by a professional. Hire a plumber to replace pipes and valves and make more extensive repairs as needed.

Address Foundation Cracks

The foundation of your home is difficult to assess since your home sits on a concrete slab. Walk outside and take a look at the base of your foundation. Tiny cracks aren’t generally a cause for concern. Growing fissures, however, should be investigated by a professional before they become larger. A declining foundation creates problems around the home, including window and door issues.

Water Heater as Part of Your Home Maintenance Tasks

Don’t overlook home maintenance tasks on your water heater. Every year, drain the tank to remove mineral buildup and improve its efficiency.

Take advantage of the empty tank by inspecting its interior, too. Look for any rust or cracks developing on the metal. You’ll be able to gauge when a replacement tank will be necessary. A water heater tank may begin leaking as the metal ages, but a yearly inspection helps you find issues before they escalate.

Roof Examination is One of the Most Important Home Maintenance Tasks

Don’t ignore the health of your roofing. A single leak can cause extensive damage to your attic and your living spaces. Ask a professional roofer to inspect the materials at least once a year and have them make any needed repairs to protect the structure of your home. It’s a good idea to have a roof inspection after a bad storm. Catching any damages early will allow time for the best outcome.

With so many online resources, finding a handyman for jobs around the home is easier than ever. If there’s a chore that you’re not comfortable completing yourself, hire a professional to help you. The cost will be worth it in the long run.

Steve Smallman Property Inspections offers home inspections in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Contact us to request our services.

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Steve Smallman Property Inspections, LLC is pleased to offer these specialized inspection services to our customers.


If you’re the first-ever occupant of your brand-new home, you have specific inspection needs before moving in. We inspect your new home before your final walkthrough to add an objective set of experienced eyes to help protect your investment. We also do pre-drywall inspections.


New homes may come with a warranty that lasts a year. An 11-month inspection is key in terms of taking advantage of what your warranty guarantees. We check for anything covered by your warranty before it expires so that the proper party is responsible for any repairs.


Selling a home? A pre-listing inspection gives you an advantage. Letting us identify maintenance needs before you sell lets your home enter the market in its very best state free from defects that could cause potential buyers to turn away from what could be a golden opportunity for everyone.


Life moves so quickly that general and even significant home maintenance can sometimes be forgotten. Furthermore, some routine home maintenance items are difficult to spot without the proper experience. Let our highly-trained inspectors give your home a check-up and help you prioritize regular home maintenance to save money and to help keep your family safe.


Termites and other wood-destroying insects cause millions of dollars of damage per year to buildings all over North Carolina. Our inspectors are all Registered Pest Control Technicians with the NC Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Division. We are affiliated with Cooper Pest Control to provide the wood-destroying insect reports (WDIR) required by many mortgage lenders.


Radon – an odorless, colorless gas – naturally occurs in most soil. It’s also the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers in North America. We can perform the EPA-recommended radon testing that determines whether or not you are being exposed to safe levels of radon within your home.

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