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Commercial Property Inspections, North Carolina

Between the HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, as well as the interior and exterior, there is a lot to contend with at your North Carolina commercial property.  With so many things to handle, let Steve Smallman Property Inspections handle your next  commercial property inspection.  If it needs inspecting or testing, call the neighborhood experts! Since 1980, we have been the go-to commercial property inspection company in Raleigh, and we have over 41+ years of expertise to prove it.  Call us at (919) 669-3639 and ask about a free quote!

Raleigh & North Carolina Commercial Property Inspections

  • Dishwashing units, refrigeration units, and other commercial appliances are not included in our commercial property inspections
  • Our technicians need complete and unhindered roof access to complete our commercial inspections
  • Codes and regulations vary by county and state, so Steve Smallman Property Inspections recommends contacting your health inspectors office prior to your inspection.
  • A manager or representative should be made available at all times during our inspection.
  • A comprehensive and detailed report by the inspector will be issued to you upon completion of your inspection.  This report will include a summary of the inspection, as well as estimates and photos where applicable.
  • Call us today at (919) 669-3639 for your free quote!

Commercial Inspections in The Triangle

There are so many interlocking systems that are constantly at work in your Raleigh property, each relying on each other.  It is important that they are all in good order, so your Steve Smallman Property Inspections inspector will check:

  • Electrical and HVAC system
  • Plumbing and sewer system
  • Structural components
  • Mold, radon & asbestos
  • Fire safety
  • Foundation and ground floor
  • Environmental contamination
  • Property insulation
  • And so much more!  Call Steve Smallman Property Inspections today for your free estimate!

Superior Raleigh & North Carolina Commercial Inspections

Every issue or problem that our experienced home inspectors find is one less headache for you to deal with later on!  With our five-star assessments and same-day inspections, there is no reason not to call.  Let us provide you with in-depth options and real solutions to help you get your commercial Raleigh property up to code.  We will get started immediately and guarantee that your expectations will be exceeded!

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Avoid the easy mistake of skipping your commercial property inspection.  Let our dedicated technicians assess your space quickly and efficiently.  With over 41+ years of experience all over The Triangle, we know where to look. Call Steve Smallman Property Inspections today at (919) 669-3639 for a free quote or you can fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.  Steve Smallman Property Inspections is your property inspection and testing headquarters in Raleigh!

Property Inspection Services
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Steve Smallman Property Inspections, LLC is pleased to offer these specialized inspection services to our customers.


If you’re the first-ever occupant of your brand-new home, you have specific inspection needs before moving in. We inspect your new home before your final walkthrough to add an objective set of experienced eyes to help protect your investment. We also do pre-drywall inspections.


New homes may come with a warranty that lasts a year. An 11-month inspection is key in terms of taking advantage of what your warranty guarantees. We check for anything covered by your warranty before it expires so that the proper party is responsible for any repairs.


Selling a home? A pre-listing inspection gives you an advantage. Letting us identify maintenance needs before you sell lets your home enter the market in its very best state free from defects that could cause potential buyers to turn away from what could be a golden opportunity for everyone.


Life moves so quickly that general and even significant home maintenance can sometimes be forgotten. Furthermore, some routine home maintenance items are difficult to spot without the proper experience. Let our highly-trained inspectors give your home a check-up and help you prioritize regular home maintenance to save money and to help keep your family safe.


Termites and other wood-destroying insects cause millions of dollars of damage per year to buildings all over North Carolina. Our inspectors are all Registered Pest Control Technicians with the NC Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Division. We are affiliated with Cooper Pest Control to provide the wood-destroying insect reports (WDIR) required by many mortgage lenders.


Radon – an odorless, colorless gas – naturally occurs in most soil. It’s also the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers in North America. We can perform the EPA-recommended radon testing that determines whether or not you are being exposed to safe levels of radon within your home.