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The Triangle Crawl Space Inspections

Your crawl space is a large part of your Raleigh home, so do not neglect it!  There are many problems that can originate in an untended crawl space, so it is vital that you practice good maintenance or schedule an inspection before any home sale.  At Steve Smallman Property Inspections, we have been helping homeowners just like you since 1980, offering home inspection and testing services for our valued Raleigh clients.  Let our five-star inspectors help save you money on potential repairs or damage down the road!

Professional Crawl Space Inspections in Raleigh

To ensure an accurate and comprehensive inspection, call an experienced and professional company!  With over 41+ years of service all over The Triangle, we provide peace of mind to all of our customers. Steve Smallman Property Inspections inspectors have years of on-the-job experience and will professionally inspect all areas of your Raleigh crawl space to ensure nothing goes unnoticed.  

Our highly trained inspector will check for:

  • Signs of water buildup or damage
  • Issues with plumbing or sewer lines
  • HVAC Issues or Electrical issues
  • Foundation damage or rot 

Schedule Your Raleigh Crawl Space Inspection Today

Steve Smallman Property Inspections will provide a full copy of our inspectors report with every completed test or inspection!  Do not delay or wait until the problem is too big to be solved easily.   Call us at (919) 669-3639 for a free quote, or fill out the contact form below to get started.  We are the most trusted crawl space inspection company in Raleigh!


Steve Smallman Property Inspections, LLC is pleased to offer these specialized inspection services to our customers.