8 Signs of an Electrical Problem at Home

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Any electrical issue in your house is not to be taken lightly. These problems can easily lead to a fire. If you suspect your home might be at risk, contact one of our Raleigh Home Inspection specialists. Here are the most common signs of an electrical problem at home.

1. Flickering Lights

If all of the lights in a room are flickering, it may mean that you have a loose electrical connection that might lead to major issues. If you only have one flickering light, it could just be a loose bulb or fixture. If you see flickering lights in multiple rooms, the issue might be with the wiring or in the breaker box.

2. Signs of an Electrical Problem: Hot Outlets

It’s common for appliances to generate some heat while they’re in use. Outlets, however, should never feel hot. Unplug all the items from a hot outlet and call an electrician to troubleshoot.

3. Burning Odor

A burning smell means something in the wiring system is getting hot enough to melt the plastic sheathing. This can spark a fire. Call an electrician to figure out whether the issue is at the breaker box or limited to only one fixture or outlet.

4. Loose Outlets are Signs of an Electrical Problem

Tighten or replace any loose outlets immediately. A loose outlet can cause the wires inside to shake free, causing sparks, shorts, or a fire.

5. Rodent Activity

Rodents pose a significant threat to your wiring. Look for nest material or rodent droppings in the home and check any wiring nearby. If you see signs that wires have been gnawed, call an exterminator. You’ll also need an electrician to inspect for and repair damaged wiring.

6. Scorched Outlets are Signs of an Electrical Problem

Do you see outlets that are discolored or have scorch marks? Are they smoking? If so, your wiring system is damaged and is releasing heat. This is dangerous and should be inspected by a professional right away.

7. Buzzing Noises

The electrical system in a home should operate silently. If you hear crackling, buzzing, or popping noises, this is an indication of a problem. If these sounds happen when you plug something into an outlet or flip a light switch on, call an electrician.

8. A Frequently Tripping Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are installed for safety; they will trip any time a circuit gets overloaded. It should happen only to prevent a fire. If it happens often, you need to call an electrician to investigate.

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