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Cleaning the gutters is an important task that many homeowners take on themselves. Of course, there are professional gutter companies that will clean your gutters, make any needed repairs, and even install gutter guards for you. However, if you want to save some money and complete this job yourself, there are some safety precautions to follow. Here are some tips on how to clean gutters.

How to Clean Gutters on a Ladder

Cleaning gutters requires climbing on a ladder, so if this makes you uncomfortable it’s best to hire a professional. Cleaning gutters on a ladder can be perfectly safe with the right precautions. Place the ladder against the house at a 75-degree angle. Lean the ladder against a sturdy part of the house and not against the gutters, which could break under the weight. Use a ladder stabilizer or have someone there to hold the ladder steady and spot you. Wear rubber-soled non-slip shoes to keep you from falling off the ladder.

Wear Protective Gear

Cleaning gutters is a dirty job, and the debris in the gutters is teeming with bacteria. While scooping out mud, dirt, and debris, it can splash into your face. Protect your eyes, nose, and mouth with goggles and a mask. Wear waterproof work gloves even if you are using a gutter scoop. Long-sleeves protect your skin from coming into contact with nasty bacteria.

Scoop Debris Into a Bucket or Tarp

While you are up high on a ladder, you may be tempted to simply throw the gutter debris on the ground. When you come back down and look at your yard, you’ll wish you hadn’t. Hang a bucket at the top of the ladder to put the debris or lay a tarp on the ground to catch it.

How to Clean Gutters With a Hose

Once you have scooped out the entire perimeter of the gutters and cleared out the downspouts, use your garden hose to dislodge stubborn dirt. A high-pressure hose attachment will be useful in doing this. Look at the bottom of the downspout and make sure that water is coming out and flowing away from the house.

What Not to Do

Some people climb onto the roof and lean over the gutters to clean them out. This is a more dangerous way to complete this task because there is a higher risk of falling off the roof. If you are not confident in your ability to clean the gutters, don’t hesitate to hire a professional company.

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