How to Keep an “Eye” on Your Crawl Space

Steve Smallman Inspections 9 (2)

Let’s face it, no one (except us home inspectors) likes to venture into the crawl space with the bugs, snakes, cobwebs and other nasty stuff. But that’s why so many house problems start with the crawl space – it’s not regularly monitored. 

Even if the crawl space was reasonably dry when it was inspected, changes in weather, plumbing leaks, and seasonal variations can cause moisture to rise. 

Excess moisture in the crawl space usually causes the biggest problems, but there’s an easy and inexpensive way to monitor the moisture level without crawling around there several times a year.  

Place a remote humidity monitor in the crawl space (no installation required), with a readout device that you can keep in the house. This allows constant monitoring of the moisture level. 

Simply have someone place the monitor in the crawl space, then check the readout device from inside the house. They typically cost around $30. ThermPro 60 is one model for less than $25.

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